JBoss Seam in Real World-Made with Seam

JBoss Seam, an innovative Java EE application framework to develop high quality enterprise applications in terms of agile-rapid application development (RAD).

Are you interested to see the power and action of Seam framework in real world….getting ready…..

Use GOOGLE advanced search (allinurl or inurl operators) to check websites that are developed with Seam.

Tip 1:

Use index tag to search



Tip 2:

Use home tag to search



You could also try some other default tags like debug, page, view etc.,

This is just an unofficial guide.

If anyone developed applications with Seam or came to know about it, then please share your links here.


Welcome onboard

This techblog is dedicated exclusively to JBoss Seam, one of the most innovative Java EE application framework. 

SeamExpress is ready to make its trip !!!

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